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亚搏app下载|中超16强动态:上港小将入围60大新星 恒大举行媒体见面会

发布时间:2021-09-16 00:29:01

October 9th,


Guangzhou Evergrande held a media meeting. Coach Cannavaro was interviewed and talked a lot, including his views on the next two rounds of the knockout rounds, the division, the opponents and his own players.


The Chinese National Men’s Football Team’s Shanghai training camp has entered its fifth day. Before the training, forward Zhang Yuning from Beijing Guoan accepted an interview with the media. He said: “Although I was selected for the national team before, this time no matter from the mental outlook to the players. Brand new, especially this time recruiting some new players. Because the training time is relatively short this time, everyone needs to familiarize themselves with each other and strengthen their running-in. Director Li Tie also specifically told me to relax my mind. I think our young players are present. You have to pay more, let go of the burden boldly in accordance with the coach’s requirements, and do your best to help the team."


The British media "Guardian" selected the 60 new stars in world football in the 2003 age group. Shanghai SIPG forward Jia Boyan became the only Chinese player on the list.


Teixeira, a player of the Jiangsu Suning Tesco team, was interviewed by the Brazilian media "terra". In the interview, Teixeira talked about his future and naturalization.

江苏苏宁易购团队的球员特谢拉(Teixeira)接受了巴亚搏app下载西媒体“ terra”的采访。在采访中,特谢拉谈到了他的未来和入籍。

On October 8, the Shanghai National Football Team entered the fifth day of this training session. The whole team continued to conduct technical and tactical training in Houpaier Sports Park. On the training ground, Wu Xinghan did not show up. It is understood that the Shandong Luneng winger was absent due to injuries.


Wuhan Zall’s foreign aid Evra confirmed on social media that due to FIFA’s preventive regulations on player travel, he will not play for the national team this time. Recently, Evra was selected for the first time in the Ivory Coast national team roster. From October 8th to 13th, Côte d'Ivoire will play two friendly matches against Belgium and Japan.


Teda’s new foreign aid Suarez, who is about to end quarantine observation, said in an interview with hometown media that he is eager to help TEDA.


Previously, the team’s vice president and coaching team leader Yang Ji and the former team leader Sun Wenhao did not appear at the club in the past few days when the team was closed. It is not yet certain whether they will continue to serve at the club in the future.


The Dalian People's Professional Football Club officially announced: After consultation with Hubei Chufeng Heli Football Club and the players themselves, our club and the player Yang Haoyu have signed the contract, and Yang Haoyu has officially joined the Dalian People's Professional Football Club. Yang Haoyu, born on July 31, 2000, is a full-back. In 2016, he was selected for the Chinese National Youth Team. Since 2017, he has played for the Gondomar, Guimarães U19 team and the Paderón team. After joining our club, Yang Haoyu will wear the No. 37 jersey with the team to participate in the second stage of the Super League this season. I hope that his joining can enrich the team's lineup and help the team achieve good results.

大连人民职业足球俱乐部正式宣布:经与湖北楚风合力足球俱乐部及其球亚搏手机登录员协商后,我们的俱乐部与球员杨浩宇签署了合同,杨浩宇已正式加入大连人民职业足球俱乐部。杨浩宇,2000年7月31日出生,是一名后卫。 2016年,他入选中国国家青年队。自2017年以来,他效力于Gondomar,吉马良斯U19队和Paderón队。加入我们的俱乐部后,杨浩宇将与球队一起穿着37号球衣,参加本赛季中超联赛的第二阶段。我希望他的加入可以丰富球队的阵容并帮助球队取得良好的成绩。

After the short National Day holiday, I packed up the results and mood of the first stage. Chongqing Modern Football Team officially accepted leave and returned to the team, and the team officially began preparations for training on October 8th!


Golat is on loan until the end of this year. Whether he can stay in China next year is unknown. It is understood that China will try its best to negotiate with Evergrande and try to continue to rent him, but there is still a high possibility that Gao Lat will return to Evergrande, or be sublet to other clubs by Evergrande. For China, they must plan ahead and find Alternative candidates.


Zahavi’s departure has become an important turning point for this season, but the team is united to turn the crisis around. "The previous tactics have revolved around him, and he has to take the ball that is not easy to pass. After he left, everyone played alive. , All positions can be rotated. So in the past, the playing style was relatively monotonous. Other teams only need to grasp his point. Now there are many changes. I believe everyone can see our changes." In Zeng’s eyes , Now the three lines of the team are more agile.

扎哈维(Zahavi)的离开已经成为本赛季的重要转折点,但车队团结一致,扭转了危机。 “以前的战术围绕着他旋转,他不得不拿下不易传球的球。他离开后,每个人都活着踢球。所有位置都可以旋转。因此,过去的比赛风格相对单调。其他团队只需要掌握他的观点。现在有很多变化。我相信每个人都可以看到我们的变化。”在Zeng看来,现在团队的三条线变得更加敏捷。

Shanghai Shenhua officially announced that the team’s new foreign aid, Bolanos, has joined the team. Together with the new foreign aid who has just arrived in the team, Shenhua has announced two new aids in just half a month. For the Shenhua team, it seems to be on the way to substitution every year.


Zhou Junchen, who played for Huang Hai on loan, talked about his goals this season and reviewed the impact of his previous long-term suspension.


The meritorious foreign aid of Shijiazhuang Yongchang Club. Matthews, who is 37 years old this year, reposted other people’s dynamics on social media. The dynamic content shows that Matthews’s speed score in the football game "FIFA21" is higher than that of Bundesliga wingers Sancho and Genna. Brie must be tall.

石家庄永昌俱乐部的功勋外援。今年37岁的马修斯(Matthews)在社交媒体上重新发布了其他人的动态。动态内容显示,马修斯在足球游戏“ FIFA21”中的速度得分高于德甲边锋桑乔和根纳。布里必须高。

Shenzhen Kaisa’s foreign aid to Mali is still in the process of healing, and it is uncertain whether the second stage can catch up. Mali scored 8 goals in 11 appearances in the first stage. It is worth mentioning that Mali is the number one performer in the Super League when it comes to celebrating a goal with an somersault. To


No one commented, but quiet


Cristiano Ronaldo meets milestone in two worlds in a single game

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在一场比赛中达到了两个世界的里程碑

Mbappe 1V2 zero-degree angle demon star presents ultra-long elevator ball


Aubameyang World Wave, Su Chao reproduces Messi's rainbow ball

Aubameyang World Wave,苏超再现了梅西的彩虹球

Not remembering Kobe in social media makes me questionable, he understands my love


He Xining: Jeremy Lin's CBA Lore King coming out of training camp




Dybala shines in national Derby, Juventus returns to top


Ronaldo wore a cap for the first time to help Inter Milan beat Naples away


Inter Milan continues to lead in victory, Milan is swept by 5 goals


Value-added telecommunications business license Beijing B2-20181094


网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

网络文化经营许可证 京网文(2018)5279-403号

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